Wednesday, August 27, 2008

USB gadgets part 3

USB Finger Dance Mat
This USB Finger Dance Mat is a great way to play a "Dance Dance Revolution"-style game without having to roll out the large mat and plug it into your TV. This game is powered completely by your computer's USB port, and requires no batteries or other power cables--simply plug it into a USB port and it's ready to go! A cardboard character is included; cut it out and insert your fingers into its leg slots so it can get dancin'!
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USB Whack It
Just like the carnival style Whack-a-Mole games--but this one can go anywhere! You can use batteries or your computer's USB port to power this colorful game. Plug it directly into a USB port or insert three AG13 batteries, and you can start whacking away! (Test batteries are included.)
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USB Retro Fan
Here's a small USB-powered desk fan, perfect for keeping you cool while using your computer on a hot day! Just plug this 21cm plastic fan into any USB port on your computer, and it'll be ready to go. The angle of the fan is completely adjustable, and there are no batteries required.
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USB Lounge Lamp
Looking for a desk light that's not too big but still does the job? Check out this USB-powered lamp! Just plug this retro-styled 25cm black beauty into any USB port on your computer, and its set of LEDs will illuminate your work area. Handy!
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USB Vacuum Cleaner
Desk coated with dust? Here's your solution. Completely powered by a USB port, this 19cm plastic vacuum cleaner is great for cleaning a desk or other small flat surface. No need to deal with batteries; just plug it into any USB port on your computer and clean away!
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Anonymous said...

There are some great ideas here and I want all of these! haha

I'm looking for some stocking fillers for my boyfriend at the moment, as I have got his main presents sorted.

Just found a website called firebox that seems to sell a lot of gadgets and gizmos, has anyone heard of them?