Wednesday, August 27, 2008

USB gadgets part 2

USB Mr. Perfect

  • He’s your PERFECT computer companion
  • Sends you messages all day along
  • You can select your Mr. Perfect personality to be either Nice or Cheeky!
USB Mr Perfect is a physical doll that you can interact with in a virtual world! You can name, create your own boyfriend (or girlfriend) and choose their personality type.
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USB Pedometer
  • Exercise Log, Calender Feature, Event Alarm
  • Multi user: Now the whole family can compete
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Pedometer displays steps taken to 999,999
  • Memory Retains Up To 3 Days Data Between Uploads
  • Upload data to the interactive interface for analysis
  • Compatible with Windows XP/2000/Vista
  • View Calories Burned from daily activites
999,999 steps to lose weight, live longer and feel younger ... the USB Pedometer tracks steps, calories burned, fat burned and distance walked and uploads the data to and interface via USB.
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USB Roll Up Drum Kit
  • Rolls up to a small size
  • Innovative interface allows all programming and sound to be activated from your computer
  • Create your own sets or choose from pre-selected tones
  • Compatible with Windows XP/2000/Vista
USB Roll Up Drum Kit with 6 different pad areas, 3-level learning feature helps to teach users how to play and there is a play along option, Users can record their own beats and share with friends by sending via e-mail. It is portable and lightweight to bring it everywhere. You can improvise by just playing it.

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USB Gift Set (Silver)
Stylish gift set that includes a USB mini vacuum cleaner, USB light, USB cup warmer and USB mood light pen holder with 4 USB ports hub.Buying presents can be an arduous task, but when
pondering the perfect gift for the gadget geek - or geekette - in your life then look no further than the His and Hers USB gift set.
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USB Think Light
  • A Great Idea for all you geniuses !
  • The faster you type the brighter the light gets
  • Great for practicing your typing skills or just general stress relief
  • Compatible with Windows XP/2000/Vista
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