Saturday, August 29, 2009


LOL just got something from the scoop machine in CP
RM1 per game / per scoop
I got alot extra candies and chocolates =.=
Im giving to kids...
I play for the lulz

check this out! changable XD

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Four "creatures" made with Pontiki.

Pontiki (ポンチキ Ponchiki?) (mouse) is a construction toy for building models of unusual creatures (which are also referred to as pontiki). Pontiki are constructed from colourful plastic components of two different types: a hollow shape dotted with holes, for representing the creatures' bodies, and smaller parts which fit into the holes, for representing features such as eyes and limbs.

The body parts come in four standard shapes, a cube, a cylinder, a cone and an egg. They can be divided into sections and combined with the body parts of other pontiki. In addition to the standard pontiki, there is a pontiki with a pull-back car for a body, called Chovica, and a six-legged moving pontiki, called Pootiki.

Pontikis may also have three kinds of rare mini pontikis called parasites. One the most common a Papara, a testicle like mini pontiki (mini-mouse). The others a human like mini pontiki called Eric and the rarest another one armed human like mini pontiki called Tabcuo.