Tuesday, March 17, 2009

New arcade machine

went 1B last night
yeah new arcade machines!
soccer game!
GG oh but I want 3kingdoms
very cool also la
at least got something haha

dance game

hammer game! I played this one..very fun but sakit mata
coz you hit the screen
your face is near the screen
1 credit by the way


maslight said...

waw, wth is dat? cube lai go 1b, air hockey plz

Nova said...

ahh...the soccer game with big screen got many people play baru best to play. i still prefer the drum game (taiko no tatsujin)/

BakaNeko said...

Did someone mentioned "Air Hockey"?

Anonymous said...

Wish we had a place like this near where I live. I know where I would spending most of my nights.