Thursday, January 15, 2009

something I bought XD

finally from Japan...miku music box...
arasasa arititi

RM179.90 fuh....

Irashai~~~ RM5 each

Hamster house RM5 XD
inside got cat RM5
Outside got cat RM5

Owl (O'Rly?) RM5


Anonymous said...

Cubester, what am I looking at? Please enlighten me.

maslight said...

borrow furniture XD

panja: the miku is a music box. he ordered that from japan, baru sampai.

the furniture set have fireplace one XD GG

He likes to collect those ceramic cats @_@ he nearly bought more.

IRTeA said...

I want Miku T.T
The cat so cute
But omg.. $$$ fly